About Pasifika Property Services

We help Auckland’s Pasifika community by showing families how to unlock the value in their property so they can leverage it to improve living standards and wealth.

About Us

Many Pasifika families around Auckland live in homes that have seen better days.

However, due to recent price rises, there is value in these properties. This provides the potential for increased living standards and financial wellbeing.

At the core of our business is the drive to support our community by creating better quality homes. We are achieving this through a partner arrangement, which sees profits shared fairly.

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Why PPS?

Your Partners in Wealth Creation

Locally-Based Team

Our finance and construction experts have operated in Auckland for many years.

Property Specialists

Lead project manager Tua Saseve has renovated over 150 homes.

Community Focused

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams.

Joint Venture Model

We partner with our clients and we don’t make money unless they do.

Improve Your Home

Pay for a home renovation project with very little cash upfront.

We Put Ethics First

PPS is committed to honesty and transparency in every interaction.

Our Experts

PPS has helped dozens of Auckland families to improve their health, wealth and living standards.

Project Manager


Not following the normal investor pathway, Tua Saseve moved from being a career Police Officer, to getting his Bachelor of Business in Property and becoming a Property Valuer at QV, to becoming a prolific property investor/trader in his own right. In 2017 he co-founded Auckland Property Mentors teaching clients how to build their residential property portfolio, learn how to get into the market successfully by showing them what they needed to look for and guiding them through the whole process.

In 2019 the NZ Property Investor Magazine did a feature article on Tua, “On the Property Beat”, to tell his journey from the Police to Property investor and mentor. In 2020 Auckland Property Mentors launched nationwide and became NZ Property Mentors, before Tua left to pursue Pasifika Property Services and his passion to serve his community and improving the outcomes of Pasifika people through property.

Everything Tua does in property is guided by a sense of duty, engrained during his days in the police, and the Samoan traditional principle of Tautua, which means service.