We Care About Our Clients’ Futures

PPS is focused on helping the Pasifika community in Auckland to thrive by tapping into the value of existing homes and properties.


Expand Your Family

Do you need more space? More rooms? A separate flat?

There are many ways to increase your property, provide you with additional income & help you with a growing family.

Talk to us about what’s possible. We’ll look at all the options & then help to put those plans in place.

Fund a Life Event

Is there a wedding, baptism, Funeral or other big family event coming up?

Are you worried about how you’ll pay for it? Or maybe you’re already planning for the future.

Talk to us about how to access the funds you need using the family home.

Overcome Your Eviction Worries

Is the bank or loan company knocking on your door?

There are often some simple things that can be done to help you refinance your home so you can catch up on the overdue fees & get back on top of payments.

The sooner you talk to us, the better.

Subdivide or Develop

Subdividing your property or shifting your family home & building a new development can be a great way to make the most of your property but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

We can tell you what’s possible and then help you throughout the whole process.

Send Money Back Home

Access the value in your property to support any family you have who may be struggling overseas.

Buy a House Back Home

You may be able to use your Auckland home as a deposit for a home in Fiji, Tonga or another Pacific Island location. We can help you work through your options and help you to get the best mortgage for your situation.

Retire with Money in The Bank

Do you know how you will look after yourself financially in retirement? There may be something you can do with your home to bring in additional funds. Let us look at your home and the land it sits on, as well as your current mortgage & see if we can come up with a plan.

Buy a Holiday Home

You may be able to leverage your Auckland home as a deposit for your beach/holiday home. We can help you work through your options and get the best mortgage for your situation.

How It Works

Follow three easy steps to complete a project with Pasifika Property Services.

Step One

The first step in our process is to sit down with you and your family to chat about your current property, figure out what it may be worth and come up with some goals to work towards.

Step Two

You’ll meet with financial and construction industry experts to put together a plan with a range of possibilities that could help you achieve your goals.

Step Three

Our team of building professionals will implement your plan so you have a quality outcome that maximises your wealth and opens the door to future potential.