Tap into your property’s potential and build a better future

Grow your wealth, starting from today

We Help Pasifika Families and Communities Thrive

If your family has owned a home in Auckland for a number of years, there may be potential to leverage its value and springboard to a more financially secure future.

Acting as your partner, we provide services to improve wealth and quality of life.

Improve your home

Access the funds you need to renovate

Our team shows Auckland homeowners how to tap into their equity and make repairs or upgrades that will improve comfort, add space and give their home a new lease of life.

You never know what’s possible until you ask. Reach out to find out more.

Develop for profit

Partner with Pasifika

You have the equity, we have the skills.

We partner with clients from across Auckland to create a strategy and work on profitable property development projects.

Our success depends on you achieving a positive result… that’s why our clients trust Pasifika Property Services.

Property Trading

Renovate for profit

When you work with the right people, you can identify money-making opportunities.

Pasifika are your trusted partners in the property ‘flipping’ process. Talk to us about how to make money with less risk. We apply many years of experience so you can avoid the pitfalls of this money-making strategy.

Build on your land

Subdivide and grow your wealth

Any land that has room for an additional dwelling is the modern-day version of a gold mine.

We show our clients how to make the most of their property by adding dwellings for family members or subdividing for profit.

How It Works

Follow three easy steps to complete a project with Pasifika Property Services.

Step One

The first step in our process is to sit down with you and your family to chat about your current property, figure out what it may be worth and come up with some goals to work towards.

Step Two

You’ll meet with financial and construction industry experts to put together a plan with a range of possibilities that could help you achieve your goals.

Step Three

Our team of building professionals will implement your plan so you have a quality outcome that maximises your wealth and opens the door to future potential.

Property Owners Questions

Find out more about how PPS helps the Pasifika community in Auckland.

We work with homeowners in and around Auckland.

We provide the services of a financial expert who can assess the value of your property and talk to you about your borrowing potential.

Potentially but not necessarily. Contact us to find out more.

As your partners, we will discuss a profit-sharing arrangement with you.

You get the benefit of working with a professional team. We get the pleasure of adding to your wealth for the long term (plus a bit of money ourselves).

PPS is dedicated to supporting the Pasifika community and has completed dozens of projects. We are happy to put you in touch with past clients who can share their experiences of working with us.

Your contribution will largely be based on contributing to the funding of a property project. We work to source land, gain council approval and complete the building process.

This doesn’t mean you will end up with a big bill at the end! It’s our goal to give you access to cash at the end of the project. Book a call and we will explain in detail how everything works.